Hi, I’m Jacqui and I'm a bakeaholic!

I love to bake and to see the joy that good home-baking can bring.

I live in a beautiful English country cottage on the edge of a forest and with sea views from my kitchen window. I grow many of the herbs, vegetables and fruits that are used in my baking. My love of baking started when, as a child, I would wake to the smell of freshly baked bread in my Grandmothers kitchen at her seaside guest house. The taste of warm bread adorned with melting butter and cold jam is still a treasured taste today.

I formally trained in catering and then left college to commence an office-based career. I intended to remain in office work temporarily but stayed for over 30 years!

I have always baked. Baking has brought pleasure to my family, friends and many dinner party guests. Fresh breads and beautiful desserts are a great conversation point and you can instantly see the happiness that good food can bring. As a Yorkshire girl it is expected that I always have homemade cake or biscuits on hand to serve to friends who call for a cup of tea........and I have lots of friends who drink lots of tea! Most of my baking uses simple techniques but some are more complex. Many bakes are completed in less than an hour and the longer bakes can often be made to fit around your day.

So if you can’t bake, won’t bake or think you haven’t got time to bake why don't you join me? If you want to fit baking into a busy lifestyle (yes this really is possible) or you’d like to choose exactly which ingredients are put into your food, please get in touch. For residential and private lessons we will bake with wonderful organic flours from specialist suppliers and use locally sourced, fresh produce wherever possible.

The aroma of home baking wafting through your home will welcome you, your family and your friends into the wonderful world of baking.

The lessons that I offer are expanding and new recipes are researched and added regularly. If you have a particular skill or recipe that you would like to learn, please do get in touch.