Country Cottage Baking Lessons

Baking is brilliant!! It can be relaxing and therapeutic and its pretty much guaranteed to bring happiness to all who eat it.

Current circumstances mean that many of us are spending more time at home and we may now realise that many of the baking skills used by our parents and grandparents have long been forgotten. In our usually busy world you may not think you have time to bake but believe me, you have! Baking brings so much pleasure and you can choose what goes into your foods and where the ingredients come from.

I provide group lessons by 'Zoom’, private lessons in your home and residential courses in our stunning accommodation in or near Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Our beautiful accommodation enables your family or friends to join you to make the most of this lovely area whilst you learn new skills.

You'll learn different techniques, some by hand and some with the aid of a mixer. We'll use wonderful ingredients but more importantly you are able to choose what goes into you doesn't need mass produced stabilisers, preservatives and E-numbers!

"The people who give you their food give you their hearts'.....Cesar Chavez.